Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers here are based on the knowledge of our volunteers. For specific health questions please see your veterinarian.

Q: Why is heartworm preventative so important?

A: Heartworms are one of the leading causes of death in dogs. The heartworm larvae are transmitted from dog to dog and in some cases cat to cat, through the blood, by mosquitoes. The larvae then lodge in the heart chambers and begin to grow. The adult worms clog the heart chambers and prevent blood from flowing causing symptoms similar to congestive heart failure in humans. If not treated immediately the result is death. Treatment of heartworms is very expensive. Usually costing upwards of $250.00 -$300.00 and is extremely debilitating to the animal. Treatment and recovery can take months. Heartworm preventative is the easier route for both you and your companion animal. In our climate it is recommended that animals receive preventative year round. To learn more about heartworms and treatment options follow our heartworm link from paws n' claws.

Q: Why can’t I have my cat declawed? It’s tearing up my furniture.

A: LionHearts, Inc. believes that declawing is a mutilation. Most people are not told that the procedure actually involves amputating the bone tips as well as the claw itself. Declawing is akin to removing each of your fingers at the first joint. LionHearts, Inc. disallows declawing of any of its rescues. We do have rescued cats that were previously declawed who need homes. Learn about alternatives to declawing by following our link from paws n' claws.

Q: Why does every animal need to be spayed or neutered? What if I want to breed them?

A: The animal population in our country and area is exploding. There are literally millions of animals in shelters and untold millions more left on the streets to die. Because there are so many, they have become devalued and are considered disposable. We don’t believe that. Every animal has value and worth. Every animal has love and companionship to give. We have to reduce the numbers in order to provide loving, lifetime homes for the millions already waiting. Spaying and neutering is the only answer. Simple supply and demand, reduce the number, increase the value. Indiscriminate breeding leads to death in shelters or on the street.

Q: How can I help?

A: Ahhhh…if only everyone would ask this question. There are many ways you can help Lionhearts, Inc., other animal welfare organizations or just companion animals in general. Love and compassion are usually the only requirements, to find out more visit our Wish List page.


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