If you are looking to adopt a companion animal, here are a few questions you need to consider first:

1. What type of animal do I like best?

(This one's easy...or is it?)

2. What type of animal would best fit my lifestyle now?

(This is extremely important. You may fall in love with a puppy that will grow into a large dog but if you live in an apartment or travel extensively this might not be the best choice for you or the animal. Also puppies and kittens are BABIES and just like human babies they require large amounts of time and patience for training. They can be destructive during their infancy and young adulthood.)

3. How will the animal fit into my lifestyle five (5) years from now?

(Adoption is a lifetime commitment. Marriage, children, moving, job change all create new dynamics within a household. You need to consider how these changes will affect your companion animal(s) and if they will be able to adapt easily. Training and good socialization go a long way toward easing these transitions.)

4. Can I afford a companion animal?

(Adoption fees are only the beginning. Puppies and kittens require several vet visits within the first year. Annual check-ups and vaccines are necessary, heartworm and flea preventative can be costly, and the care of a geriatric companion animal can be expensive. Add to this food, toys, and training...this is definitely a question that needs serious consideration.)

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