Virginia Kincheloe - Eulogy

They say big things come in small packages…Mom was certainly an example of that.  As most of you have witnessed, Mom packed a lot of punch in that little body of hers…She lived her life with the courage and purpose that most people strive for.  She had an incredible spirit that persevered through anything.  She was as tough as nails and could be as mean as a snake if she felt she needed to be.

But most of all Mom had a heart of gold when it came to an animal or a person in need…If you needed to be encouraged, encourage you she would“Just Do It!” was her catchphrase long before it became Nike’s!!  If you needed to be “rescued”, figuratively or literally, rescue you she would…Mom knew her mission to help animals required grander efforts than individually rescuing each one though.  So she opened her Spay/Neuter Clinic and she advocated…and she advocated…and she advocated for people to spay or neuter their pets.  But she never strayed from loving all animals and wanting to help any one of them in trouble.

When those individual efforts seemed daunting or hopeless, she’d tell the tale of the young boy and the starfish.  Here’s her favorite poem of that story….


As I walked along the seashore

  This young boy greeted me.

He was tossing stranded starfish

        Back into the sea.

I said, “Tell me why you bother….

   Why you waste your time this way…

There’s a million stranded starfish

   Does it matter, anyway??


And he said, “It matters to this one!

   It deserves a chance to grow.

        It matters to this one

   I can’t save them all, I know…

     But it matters to this one,

       I’ll return it to the sea.

       It matters to this one

   And so it matters a lot to me…


All creatures great and small mattered a lot to Mom....Her family (especially Jeremy!!) and her friends mattered a whole lot to her too…. Though she’d be a bit embarrassed about all the fuss, I know she’s happy to see us gathered here for her today.  She would not want us to be sad, but instead she’d want us to have a reason to celebrate.  So in her honor, let’s celebrate the life of a woman who, as one of her friend’s described, was “made of the stuff that keeps this world worth living.”

~ Kimbra Kincheloe