• Many people have worked hard over the years to bring a low-cost spay/neuter clinic to our area.

    Here are some of the faces behind the names. To LionHearts, Inc. they have not only been colleagues, but have become friends. We sincerely thank them for their dedication to seeing our clinic doors open. Each of them has been an integral part of the process and without any one of them we could not have achieved our goal.

  • William Tydings was raised and still lives in Spotsylvania County. He and his wife, Pleshette, share their home with three sons and the family cat. Mr. Tydings was a deputy sheriff for nine years before accepting his current position of Spotsylvania County Director of Animal Control in 1996.
  • He has seen thousands of animals come through his shelter door over the past four years. Most of them have had to leave the shelter by way of the euthanasia room. To date, euthanasia has been the only viable answer to curb an exploding animal overpopulation.

    In March 2000 Spotsylvania will have a new alternative for use in animal population control; one that preserves and promotes life.

    Mr. Tydings has worked toward the building of a new animal shelter and a low-cost spay/neuter clinic almost from his first day on the job. He has also formed a close working relationship with Mrs. Virginia Kincheloe. "I wouldn't have been able to do my job as well as I have if not for Virginia and others like her. They have been strong advocates for a new shelter and clinic for many years."

    "The clinic will have a direct impact on my shelter because the animals we adopt will be spay/neutered before they leave the facility. I am excited about this clinic; we are setting a precedent for animal shelters in Virginia. I hope to see other shelters form a relationship with private industry and animal welfare groups to accomplish what we have." William Tydings

    Learn more about Mr. Tydings and Spotsylvania Animal Shelter at their website.

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