Virginia Kincheloe was indeed been the face of animal welfare in central Virginia for many years. She rescued hundreds of animals from death row in shelters, severe abuse, abandonment, and neglect. She transformed them from unhealthy, scared creatures into wonderful companion animals.

Working tirelessly for decades, this small lady with a big heart for animals and big goals managed to bring about the opening of the Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter clinic.

The death of Virginia Kincheloe will be felt throughout the animal world, just as her life changed the same world in a magnificent and magnanimous way.

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Virginia Kincheloe had known all her life that animals would be a part of it. "Daddy was always bringing something home that needed care and love. Just about every month some new animal showed up on the doorstep."

"My adventures in rescue began about fourteen years ago while I was working as a land developer in Spotsylvania County. I specialized in developing farmland into other uses, mostly subdividing the property into home lots. One day I was travelling with Wilson Smith to look at some rental property that he was interested in developing, his tenants had moved out a couple of weeks before and we were ready to seriously decide how the property would be split.

We drove down this gorgeous gravel country lane to approach the house and as we got closer I noticed some dogs chained to trees around the property. No one had been on this property for at least two weeks. Everywhere we looked there seemed to be a dog. In total there were seven dogs that had been abandoned by the previous tenants, left with no food or water. There was a creek nearby and I'm sure they would have given anything to reach it for sustenance.

When we drove behind the house there was a large white dog lying on her side that looked as if it was dead. Wilson and I approached her and found that she was still breathing. At this point I left Wilson standing in the yard, jumped back in my jeep and raced down the road to a country store to phone a vet and my daughter. The vet soon arrived with my daughter following close behind. The vet looked at all the dogs and decided that they could be saved, all except the large white female. We were told she was too far-gone from dehydration to survive. My daughter disagreed so we loaded them in the jeep and headed home.

The next day I placed an ad in the newspaper to ask for assistance and homes for the dogs. Hazel Donnally from the Pet Assistance League responded and soon brought a bag of food for the dogs. PAL was in its infancy and I was soon recruited to be a director and asked if I could take sixteen more dogs to foster! My daughter and I spent $3,500.00 in the first six months on fencing, vet care, medicines and food.

I quickly realized that our community needed some type of low-cost spay/neutering service to combat the exploding animal population. For twenty (20) years I have been asking Spotsylvania County to help provide such a service.

I left my directorship with PAL in 1999 and joined LionHearts, Inc. to work with two other wonderful animal advocates, members of the Spotsylvania County government and other sponsors. We have since concentrated our energies on the development of a low-cost spay/neuter service.

In March of 2000, I am proud to announce the Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic opened its doors. Our clinic  provides this much needed service at a lower cost than most local veterinarian's offices. We are here to serve the human and animal public. This is the fulfillment of one of my lifelong dreams and I hope it will contribute toward making our area a place where companion animals are no longer killed because they have no homes.

Oh about that dog I found, fourteen years ago, that the vet said couldn't be saved...My daughter and I nursed her back to health with Gatorade and Pedialyte. She is still with me today, a little older, but very much loved. Her name is Winter." Virginia Kincheloe

**Note*** Virginia, devastated, lost Winter in October 2000 to a heart attack due to old age.



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